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Latex triple-pant, a third off here.

Where can I get one of these?! :)

Wish I could find on of those for Mistress

Mmmmm what fun…

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My sissyfied hubby loves getting a strap-on treat, only way he gets fucked these days.

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sissy cuck

Exactly what a sissy needs, a hard BBC to keep them in their place.

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The idea of being in a locker room or bathroom and having another man notice the panties that I wear under my pants makes my tiny cock throb. Hearing him ask me straight out if I am a faggot would likely make me cream those panties, even as I was pulling my pants down to show them and dropping to my knees and freeing his cock to answer him.

My sissy clit locked in chastity my tiny bikini tan lines my shaved legs underarms changing in a locker room full of real men just like my wife ordered me to do. So embarrassing


My Mother used to stick up for me when my asshole Father would start treating me like shit, but lately she’d been keeping her distance, Not that I needed Mommy to fight my battles for me, but it was a bonding thing when she stood up for her little boy. I don’t know why she decided to stop. It might have something to do with the fact I’ve been dating Sharon for the last few months and Mom’s been acting jealous. It didn’t help matters much when Mom walked in on me and Sharon having sex last week either. Ever since then Mom’s been acting strange. She even instigated a fight between me and Dad. That’s NEVER happened before. It’s almost like she wanted to show me how hard life would be without her in it. So tonight I decided to pay her a visit. After my asshole father was passed out drunk, I snuck into their room. I pulled my Mother’s panties down and slid my cock inside her. Slowly at first. She moaned and breathed heavily, feigning still being asleep, but I knew she was awake. I began going faster, thrusting my hips and slamming my cock into her soaking wet pussy. She could no longer pretend to be asleep. She turned her head back toward me “Son, what are you doing? You’ll wake your father.” she whispered meekly. I began thrusting even harder and heard gentle mews of satisfaction coming from my Mother.”Fuck him! He’s dead drunk asleep as usual. I’m gonna fuck your pussy now Mom. I’m gonna fuck you for being such a naughty jealous Mommy, and you’re gonna lie here and take it like a good little Mommy should.”  ”No don’t” she weakly protested, but she wasn’t fooling anybody, her moans and the way her hips met mine were proof she had been dying for this. Suddenly I heard her muffle a grunting noise and bury her head in the pillow as she clutched my left hand in hers. With her right she reached back and dug her nails into my buttocks and drove me into her from behind. I realized she was having an orgasm, and a big one. I ground my cock into her pussy up to the hilt and felt her shudder. As I watched her orgasm subside, I became aware that the only sound in the room was my Father’s snoring. It gave me comfort. I began pumping my Mother’s pussy again. It wouldn’t be long now. I felt it building. I said nothing, gave her no warning, I just shot a huuuge load into my lovely Mother’s pussy, filling her womb with my cum until it was running down her legs. The same womb I came out of was now overflowing with my jizz. I had been squeezing Mom’s tits so hard throughout the whole fuck session and given her vagina the pounding of a lifetime. I kind of felt sorry, like I may have hurt her or something. If not physically, emotionally. I was filled with remorse. I asked “Mom, are you okay?”  ”Yes baby. I’m much better now.”

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